Finding a Job in New Zealand – Actual Cases

Matthew's photo


Case 1: Matthew

Matthew came to New Zealand as an international student at Mt Albert Grammar School in 2017. He had always loved computer programming. As a teenager he started to realise the importance of code in daily life. From quantum computers and satellites to the vehicles we drive every day, computer programming is critical. He is passionate about creating software and building applications that help people to live a better life. After some research and chatting with friends, he decided to go to AUT to study a computer science major in software development. He enjoyed his study at AUT because he got more than enough practical training there to prepare him for the workplace.

Apart from studying, Matthew had done volunteer work for his church, helping with setup before church and in church services. Matthew is gifted with a good voice and interpreting ability, so he sang for the church worship team, and helped the preacher to translate the sermon from English into Chinese to benefit Chinese speakers in the congregation.

Matthew got his current job through Summer of Tech, which is a super helpful and friendly organization. They helped to build Matthew’s professional knowledge and skills while he was studying at university and connected him with experts from the industry. Now Matthew is working at Spark as a Data Engineer.

Tips from this case:

1. Find your passion and talent: Walt Disney was successful because he believed “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Matthew found he had a passion and talent for computer programming, and he pursued it. He chose the right school and major.

2. Voluntary and community experience: Take part in as many community activities as you can and become familiar with New Zealand culture and values.  Many jobs require not only good academic knowledge but also good communication skills. Matthew continuously improved his communication and social skills through voluntarily helping with church services and being active in community service.

3. Join the right network: By joining the Summer of Tech, Matthew received practical training and prepared himself for the IT job market even when he was studying at university. The organisation connected him with the right employer when he graduated from university.