Three years ago I started to be responsible for Human Resources management for Hikvision Oceania. Our headquarters is in Sydney. Chiwi Jobs supports us when it comes to recruiting sales, pre-sales and technical talents in New Zealand. Chiwi Jobs provides:
1) High quality recommendations. The recommended talents are carefully selected and attached with professional interview reports, and the talents recommended for each position have entered the final round of interviews.
2) Fast response. Each step of the recruitment process such as the recruitment talent search, interview appointment, interview results, follow-up and feedback is very timely.
3) Great service. Chiwi Jobs' communication and interaction is smooth. They also pay extra attention to our local HR management needs and share information such as the epidemic situation and visa applications with us.

- Rina Wan, Human Resources Manager

I worked with Chiwi Jobs while working as an HR Adviser at Cuilam Industry Limited. Chiwi Jobs is a trustworthy partner. Looking at the recruitment needs raised by the client, she will give proper suggestions from a professional point of view, and then give updates about the progress of the recruitment process.  Chiwi Jobs gave us considerable help in recruiting talents for us.

- Vivian Xu, HR Manager

I'm Carol Chen. Although I've lived and worked in New Zealand for many years, I still was not sure how to write a resume that would impress employers. Thanks to Chiwi Jobs for helping me revise my resume from a professional perspective, so that I achieved more job interview opportunities with my resume!

- Carol Chen, Accounts Administrator

I have a high standard of conversational English and I had written my own CV, but I wasn’t sure if it was good enough to make a good impression on a Kiwi employer. Also the job involves a lot of public contact with native Kiwi people. My English was good enough but I overlooked some details and grammar issues on my CV, which Chiwi Jobs corrected. Chiwi Jobs provide a very detail-oriented service.

-Echo He, Registered Nurse